Battlefield, Call of Duty: MW, Warface

Video games of all kinds, but war is what we do best

FPS and war games are our daily bread:
Battlefield, Call of Duty: MW, Warface - our Triathlon par excellence.
They are the titles to which we play. On them we burn most of our post-dinner calories.

Sometimes we need to change

Sometimes, after all these efforts, we love to relax muscles and have a laugh with more fun alternatives: score goals with jumping cars makes us bend with laughter.

Activity Hours

 18:00 - 24:00


Forged by the Will, Driven by Passion

Alexander Clan was born in the summer of 2014 from the will of Alessandro Donato to form a team together with his friends with the intention of cultivating their passion for video games.
Founded on Warface - FPS title of Crytek (currently, Clan begins its ascent obtaining soon the first successes.

A record achieved to go Beyond

Today, Alexander Clan is in first place in the global ranking of the game (EU-Server) and it involves a large number of friends.
Friends who have not put aside their enthusiasm over time and their willingness to face new battles and discover new video games.

Scattered around the world, united in a Server

Despite long distances separate us, we remain in constant contact through our Discord Server. Indispensable tool for every respectable player and for every player of our Clan.