Field of application

The Alexander Clan Regulation establishes fundamental and behavioral rules that must be respected by all those who carry out activities on behalf of the Clan, within their respective competences and in relation to their role. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to regularly re-read the Clan Regulations for any changes and updates.
This regulation was created with the aim of promoting and guaranteeing a high standard of competence in carrying out all the activities attributable to the Clan and to prohibit those behaviors in contrast not only with the relevant regulations, but also with the ethical values that the Clan intends to promote and guarantee. In particular:

General Provisions

ART. 1 – This Regulation is a document that intends to define the inspiring line and the operational characteristics of the Clan Alexander.
ART. 2 – A copy of the Regulations, and its subsequent changes, they must always be shown to everyone.

Changes to the Regulation

ART. 3 – Changes to the Rules must be presented to the Assembly. These changes, provided they come into force, must be approved by at least 2/3 of those present entitled to vote.

Ethical and professional behavior

ART. 4 - The Board of Directors undertakes:

  1. To ensure the proper conduct of activities and to enforce the Clan Regulations;
  2. To promote actions aimed at promoting values such as respect, sportsmanship, integration and team spirit;
  3. To communicate the strategies, the annual programs of the activity and submit them to the attention of all the components of the Clan;
  4. To draw up all the internal Regulations;
  5. To draw up an annual summary report of the period elapsed in which they will indicate the progress of the activities;
  6. To set dates for ordinary meetings to be called at least once a year and to call extraordinary meetings;

ART. 5 - Each Technical Manager undertakes:

  1. To ensure the proper conduct of activities and to enforce the Clan Regulations;
  2. To promote actions aimed at promoting values such as respect, sportsmanship, integration and team spirit;
  3. To coordinate the candidate projects and inform all those who work within their area of interest on the standards to be followed for the creation and development of the contents, as well as verify, at the end of each work, the respect of the themselves through a quality control;
  4. To compile an annual summary report of the past period in which it indicates with sincerity the progress of the activities for which it is responsible, proposing any useful advice for the following period. They are not required to do this: Developers and Illustrators.

ART. 6 - Every member of the Clan undertakes:

  1. To apply to participate in the Competitive Electronic Games, provided it meets the established requirements. The requirements will be exposed to the player when the latter applies for participation. They will be verified by a manager at each new subscription, through telematic controls or through controls on the newly registered player during the game sessions.
  2. To nominate their ideas and projects at any time, using either the Technical Managers or the Moderators who will submit them to the Board of Directors.
  3. Following the guidelines and directions of the Moderators and Technical Managers, trusting their advice, assuming an honest behavior towards all the organs of the Clan.
  4. Not to use any third-party software or various types of tricks used during the game as an unfair aid.
  5. Not to refrain from participating in competitions where you have enrolled or from workout without a justified reason and without adequate notice.
  6. Not to refrain from participating in organized events and not to abstain from activities for over a month without proper notice. After forty days of prolonged absence, the inactive member could be expelled without warning, to guarantee the entry of a new beneficiary.
  7. Not to undertake initiatives of its own free will aimed at implicating at least the Clan in part, if not delegated by a Administrator.
  8. Not to take initiatives on improper use of the Clan's logos, without appropriate consent from the managers and without being informed about their correct use.
  9. Not to disturb the gaming sessions of others if it is not part of it.
  10. Not to transfer or exchange accounts within the various games, especially if for profit.
  11. Not to have multiple accounts of the same game and not to be simultaneously registered with other Clans or play groups.
  12. Not to change your nickname, except in special cases, and not to use names that could be offensive, discriminatory or unsuitable for the context.

Conduct of Elections

ART. 7 – Only players who are members of the Clan are admitted to the Assemblies. These will be able to express an indefinite number of preferences. Voting will then be minuted by an Administrator and will be published in the following days.

Recruitment Mode

ART. 8 – Those who trust in the aims and activities that the Clan intends to promote will be recruited among the members:

  1. Social integration in multicultural environments;
  2. Participation in the activities that the Clan promotes;
  3. Growth of technical skills gained during the time spent in Clan;

Furthermore, each applicant must be of legal age, as a fundamental requirement for official competitions. In the case of applicants under the age of majority, the Board of Directors reserves the right to approve her request.
ART. 9 – To be eligible the recruitment request must be approved by the Board of Directors.
ART. 10 – Recruitment requests can be made at any time of the year.

Sanctions and Termination Terms

The Board of Directors may put in place disciplinary sanctions aimed at sanctioning the inattention of this Regulation, even in a single part of it. I termini delle sanzioni saranno stabiliti ad insindacabile giudizio e volere degli Amministratori.
A copy of this Regulation is brought to the attention of all the recipients regardless of their qualification, requesting the necessary compliance. Ignorance of the Regulation cannot be invoked in any way. The Regulation exerts her effects from the time of subscription.

Revised: 2019 may 06